Pastors Greg and Irene Partipilo

As a second marriage for each of them, their thirty years of marriage have been the testing ground on which God has purified, tested and strengthened their faith. They will both tell you that they never would have made it if it were not for God. Their trials and struggles to overcome their own pasts are also the birthplace of Alabaster Boxes. God actually began to give the vision to Irene over twenty years ago, but the time was not right. She did not have the knowledge, experience or Godly character necessary to be God's instrument for this ministry. If you ask her, she will tell you she can't.

This is God's ministry and both Greg and Irene see themselves as vessels of His purposes, sharing strength, hope and experience born out of everything God has taught them and brought them through. They also both bring a wealth of business, finance, systems knowledge and experience.

Greg and Irene have been married for 30 years and now live in South Carolina with their two cats. They travel to the west coast to visit grandchildren, and to Rome to visit their niece.

Robert Steere

As one of the founding directors of Alabaster Boxes Ministries, Robert has demonstrated the fruit of living in step with the Holy Spirit. His steady presence and commitment to the ministry through its formative stages is truly a gift from God. He listens to the Holy Spirit, ponders issues in his heart, and shares from everything that God has shown him. In addition to his spiritual strength, he brings a wealth of practical contracting, business and logistics knowledge and experience. His unique combination of spiritual gifts, spiritual walk, and secular experience combine to help us develop alternative solutions to bring our call from God into reality.

Bob lives with his wife Hillary and their three dogs in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Bob enjoys riding his bike and running marathons.



Pastor Jesse and Pastor Liz Enns

Pastor Jesse and Pastor Liz live with the expectation that they will see God performing wonders every day. Their love for the Lord and their steadfast expectation of His extravagant love and provision permeates every aspect of their lives, from caring for their three young boys, to leading worship that helps us all focus on God, to their deep and passionate preaching, to the mundane tasks necessary for all these activities to occur. Talking to people who know them provides more and more examples of how they pour themselves out for others. Their testimony and the impact of their dedicated and consistent love and service to our Lord seem to never end.

Jesse and Liz are Associate Pastors at Antioch International Church where they lead Worship among many other ministries. They live in Rock Hill, South Carolina with their three boys.