We Are Relational.

Learning that impacts our lives come from both cognitive knowledge and experimental knowledge gained in relationship with others. (Head and Heart)

Relationships are the context for learning and discovering our true, God-given identity as we grow and mature in Christ.



We Are Individual.

God created each person uniquely, with different gifts, talents, and passions, to be discovered throughout our life.

Developing an Individual Wholeness Plan provides a tool to guide our decisions to align with God’s plan, resulting in peace and joy, regardless of our outward circumstances.


Diverse Life Experiences.

We Have Diverse Life Experiences.

As an expression of Himself, God provides vast diversity of personality, gifting, and training (experiences) within creation. We are created to be different from each other and to have different life experiences. If we choose to, and learn how to release these things to God, He will weave them together to benefit us, while revealing more of Himself, resulting in greater intimacy.

Our role is to treasure and delight in these differences, rejoicing with others joys and victories, and mourning with their heartaches and failures. In this reality there is no space for condemnation.