Our original vision included homes where a small group of people would come together for mutual support as they rebuild new lives on the foundation of God and His truth and love. We still expect that vision to come to fruition. However, we serve a mighty and wise God and His timing and His plan is always best. 

At present, we are focusing on refining how we support people to understand core truths in their hearts and developing the core skills necessary to discover and live out of their true identity. To this end, we conducted a "best test" of some of the core curricula with a hand-selected group of people, most of whom were already in ministry leadership positions. We have met with the participants who completed the course, and obtained their feedback on their experience with the course. We are now in the process of combining that with our own observations.

We are pursuing several avenues to ascertain where God is going to open and close doors:

  1. One of the participants in this group will be co-leading a new group this fall to walk through the entire process with a group of young women.
  2. Joint ventures with various prison ministries keeps coming up, although none of these have come to fruition as of yet.
  3. Interest has been expressed in translating our ministry into Spanish.
  4. Interest has also been expressed in developing a version of the curricula targeted for pre-teen children who's parents could use to help their children navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood, helping them identify their true identity in Christ and God's calling for their life, protecting them from many pitfalls.

We appreciate your prayers and your feedback as we seek to ascertain the next steps where God is leading us. We anticipate publishing a guide for the Traveling Companions to use to facilitate small groups going through our Transcend Series. Transcend is composed of a Foundation Series and various sessions taking a Deeper Look. The Foundation Series has 19 sessions divided into three parts:

  1. Who is God?
  2. Who Am I?
  3. How Do I Live?

If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in joining one of our groups this fall, please email us at info@alabasterboxes.org.