Who Is God?


Letting God out of the box of my limitations

Getting to know God is a lifelong endeavor that we will never complete. Our Interactive Learning Series (designed for small groups), starts with several sessions designed to help achieve this goal, regardless of the starting point.


Who Am I?


Discovering my unique identity in christ

The second part of our series is designed to help discover who God created us to become, instead of who we have been told we are supposed to be. It builds on our understanding of God and God’s plan for humanity, that we learned in Part 1, and helps us discover our place in that plan. During this part, we develop each of the components for an Individual Wholeness Plan.


How Do I Live?


Living in the truth of my destiny

Part three of our series begins with compiling each of our discoveries about our true identity and place in God’s plan into an Individual Wholeness Plan. The remainder of this part explores and practices tools and techniques that can be used to to learn how to live out our true identity.

Our ultimate goal is to learn how to rest on the wings of God’s love, abiding in Christ in increasing measure.