Our ministry incorporates four distinctive principles. We measure everything we undertake to ensure they line up with these essentials.


As human beings, we are created to be relational beings, in relationship with God and each other (Gen 2:18). We are designed to learn from and with each other and to support each other to discover our God-given identity and purpose. We need each other to help discover our God-given identity and to learn to progress through the God-directed process of purification (as iron sharpens iron).


God has a unique plan for each person's life (Jer 29:11). Each person will be help to account for their own life (Gen 9:5, Rom 12:14). Therefore, the path and plan for each person is unique and individual. We strive to help each person to discover their life purpose and develop an Individual Wholeness Plan that helps them to cooperate with the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14).


Although there are many, many people who need this type of a process, not everybody is ready for it (milk not solid food). Therefore, participants in our programs must demonstrate not only a desire, but also an ability to work a self-directed program.

Diversity of Life Experience:

All parts of the body are necessary for full and healthy functioning (Rom 12:1-8, 1 Cor 12:12-14). Therefore, while recognizing practical limitations, we strive to develop groups that include people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, spiritual gifts and current levels of spiritual maturity.