Pictured from left to right are our President Irene, Vice President Greg, Mary, Secretary/Treasurer Robert, Susan, and Consulting Advisor John. As we work to build a solid foundation, on Christ alone, we are mindful of the need to expand our numbers, skills, knowledge and abilities and are prayerfully seeking God's guidance to do this. 

After following God's leading to leave her job and attend seminary, Irene has been committed to helping people recover from their pasts, leaving their traumas behind, and becoming everything that God has designed for them. 

Retiring after a career designing and implementing automated systems, Greg brings both a deep faith and some great analytic and practical skills to the mix.

Mary has a varied background with a consistent thread of advocating for the homeless. Her heart for God and for all of His children comes through from the moment you meet her.

Robert brings not only a heart for God, but also business and contracting skills to the mix.

A retired nurse, Susan, and her husband John, a retired professor, bring not only wisdom from years of experience, but also are great prayer warriors. Having walked deeply with God for decades, and studying His word in depth, they bring strength and stability to our group.
We are fortunate to have Dr. Ramona Joseph join us as the Executive Director. 

We call her Dr. Mom. After pastoring for many years, God started revealing His call for Dr. Ramona Joseph to shepherd the spiritual and emotional well being of His children in a different way. As soon as we heard people God had given into her care call her Dr. Mom, we recognized her name, the name God had given her, the name that describes her call and role in their life. The doctor for spiritual health and healing and the mom for nurture and support. As Executive Director, she will be on the front line, hands on, bringing God’s healing touch and freedom to His trapped and hurting children, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dr. Mom will be leading a diverse group of Traveling Companions and Trainers as we encourage each of the House Residents on their journey out of the desert and into the Promised Land. 

We are convinced that now is the time that God is calling us to free our brothers and sisters from bondage as the Holy Spirit prepares and leads us all into the Promised Land. 

Is God calling you? There is not greater joy I know than being an instrument of God to bring new life and joy and freedom.