We Are Relational.

Learning that impacts our lives come from both cognitive knowledge and experimental knowledge gained in relationship with others. (Head and Heart)

Relationships are the context for learning and discovering our true, God-given identity as we grow and mature in Christ.



We Are Individual.

God created each person uniquely, with different gifts, talents, and passions, to be discovered throughout our life.

Developing an Individual Wholeness Plan provides a tool to guide our decisions to align with God’s plan, resulting in peace and joy, regardless of our outward circumstances.


Diverse Life Experiences.

We Have Diverse Life Experiences.

As an expression of Himself, God provides vast diversity of personality, gifting, and training (experiences) within creation. We are created to be different from each other and to have different life experiences. If we choose to, and learn how to release these things to God, He will weave them together to benefit us, while revealing more of Himself, resulting in greater intimacy.

Our role is to treasure and delight in these differences, rejoicing with others joys and victories, and mourning with their heartaches and failures. In this reality there is no space for condemnation.


Who Is God?


Letting God out of the box of my limitations

Getting to know God is a lifelong endeavor that we will never complete. Our Interactive Learning Series (designed for small groups), starts with several sessions designed to help achieve this goal, regardless of the starting point.


Who Am I?


Discovering my unique identity in christ

The second part of our series is designed to help discover who God created us to become, instead of who we have been told we are supposed to be. It builds on our understanding of God and God’s plan for humanity, that we learned in Part 1, and helps us discover our place in that plan. During this part, we develop each of the components for an Individual Wholeness Plan.


How Do I Live?


Living in the truth of my destiny

Part three of our series begins with compiling each of our discoveries about our true identity and place in God’s plan into an Individual Wholeness Plan. The remainder of this part explores and practices tools and techniques that can be used to to learn how to live out our true identity.

Our ultimate goal is to learn how to rest on the wings of God’s love, abiding in Christ in increasing measure.






Become a travel guide

Travel Guides are people that God has called to come alongside and help others on the way. They do not lecture, or give the answers, but facilitate the relationship between that person and God.

Prerequisites for travel guides

Love God. Ability to listen and focus on the other person’s relationship with God instead of personal beliefs. Have the discipline to stay on course, even when progress is not visible.

Collaborate with us

Do you have a ministry helping people rebuild their lives and need a non-denominational curriculum? we can work with you to modify our core curriculum to meet your specific needs, and are willing to coach and support new Travel Guides.

Do you have a passion and gifting that God is calling you to use to support our efforts? Contact us and let us know. We welcome others on this journey!

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Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors has stayed small during this formative phase, as we have listened together to hear what God is saying about the direction and form He desires for this ministry.


Greg and Irene Partipilo

Pastors Greg and Irene will testify that their over thirty years of marriage have been the testing ground on which God has purified, and strengthened their faith. They agree they never would have made it if it were not for God. Their trials and struggles to overcome their own pasts are also the birthplace of Alabaster Boxes.

This is God's ministry and both Greg and Irene see themselves as vessels of His purposes, sharing strength, hope and experience born out of everything God has taught them and brought them through. They also both bring a wealth of strategic planning, general business, finance, and application systems knowledge and experience.

Greg and Irene live in South Carolina with their two cats.


Jesse and Elizabeth Enns

Pastor Jesse and Dr. Elizabeth Liz live with the expectation that they will see God performing wonders every day. Their love for the Lord and their steadfast expectation of His extravagant love and provision permeates every aspect of their lives, from caring for their three young boys, to leading worship that helps us all focus on God, to their deep and passionate preaching, to the mundane tasks necessary for all these activities to occur. Their testimony and the impact of their dedicated and consistent love and service to our Lord seems to never end.

Jesse and Liz are Senior Pastors at Antioch International Church. They live in Rock Hill, South Carolina with their three boys.


Robert Steere

As one of the founding directors of Alabaster Boxes Ministries, Robert has demonstrated the fruit of living in step with the Holy Spirit. His steady presence and commitment to the ministry through its formative stages is truly a gift from God. He listens to the Holy Spirit, ponders issues in his heart, and shares from everything that God has shown him. In addition to his spiritual strength, he brings a wealth of practical contracting, business and logistics knowledge and experience. His unique combination of spiritual gifts, spiritual walk, and secular experience combine to help us develop alternative solutions to bring our call from God into reality.

Bob lives with his three dogs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bob enjoys riding his bike and running marathons.